Trans girl Feferi Maryam I did for the Transstuck blog on tumblr!

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Bro! You just posted blipip! You are going to gain subscriber!

My 1st piece for the feferi zine!

What else do need to say its vriska!

Oh MoThErFuCk... *falls in love*

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yo i didnt do anyfin but like

does anyone know how to tell a cute gill that you spilled grub sauce all over one of their glubbing books without em gettin mad at you

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TeLl ThEm I DoNe DiD It, WhAt ThEy GoNnA MoThEr FuCkInH Do? KiLl Me?

all the time you have

is all the time you need

A simple rose I did for dailyrosey!

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Little doodle of Aradia!

GoT GrUb SaUcE AlL Up In ThE AiRVeNtS

I'm SlIpPiNg AlL ArOuNd In ThIs BiTcHiN RiDe! It'S LiKe SoMe SoRt Of FlUmE, WiLd WiCkEd. GrEaSeD Up LiKe A MoThErFuCkEr.


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trying to get into the habit of posting here, so here's a painting I did a few days ago!!

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Today is a great day to remember that Gamzee Makara did nothing wrong, and continues to have done nothing wrong

been binging bdg recently and he inspired me to bring to life this horrible nightmare

Local Man Passes Out On Beanbag, Wakes Up Unsure What Year It Is

LeTs GeT A MoThEfRuCkInG QuEuE SeT Up In ThIs BiTcH


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fantroll stuff? fantroll stuff. ^^

their name is Aukaja Animas and they just kinda live in secrecy. this was mostly concept stuff, as i figured out i wanted them to be like!

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in which we enter the site,. doing the happen